This second book is interesting as much as possible and is above all (like the previous book on seduction) a cynical common sense about human nature and its relationship, in this case, with authority and power. Much of this also comes from anecdotes from pre-modern history, although our world (but not human nature) has changed a lot since then. In other words, focus on the right customers (it`s like marketing consulting, in fact seduction and marketing are closely related disciplines and many pick-up artists work in sales). Avoid career-oriented people who are too busy and people who are in a hurry and unavailable. The best destinations have an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Greene is passionate in his assertion that the whole process of the art of seduction has no rules and that the seducer just needs to know what the victim desires and make it available. It also explains the potential dangers of trying worn out seduction methods that are only supposed to be effective for a short time. Greene explains that there are ten types of attractive characters, all with different characteristics and requirements. The mermaid, the rake, the ideal lover, the dandy, the natural, the coquettish, the charmer, the charismatic, the star and the anti-seducer are the different characters that Greene explains vividly and his book is built around them.

They are sexually alive characters and fit the ideals of seduction that take place at all levels of the social environment, according to Greene. I can no longer agree with him. „It all depends on the purpose of your seduction. Study your prey carefully and select only those that are sensitive to your stimuli. Good victims are those for whom you can fill a void, who see something exotic in you. They are often isolated or unhappy or can easily be done this way – because the completely satisfied person is almost impossible to seduce. The perfect sacrifice has a certain quality that evokes strong emotions in you and makes your seductive maneuvers more natural and dynamic. The perfect victim makes the perfect pursuit possible. I invite you to read this column with an open mind, so as not to miss the richness of the art of seduction because of anachronistic analyses or too rigid principles. I am living proof that one can have ethics when it comes to seduction, and that, contrary to one`s reputation, it is not an „amoral science“.

In the first part of The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene asks readers to think about the category of seducers they fall into. By positioning yourself as a seducer, these profiles can help you work on your strengths. In this part, each chapter deals with an attractive profile. In The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene (who is a big fan of literature and France) looks at some famous seducers such as Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe, Casanova, Don Juan, Josephine Bonaparte, Errol Flynn, etc. He speaks of „seducers“ in the literal and diabolical sense of the term: of those who lead people off the right path. The author has a number of stories about these seducers, and he uses them as examples to illustrate his advice. Greene more than once tells stories that suggest that seduction becomes an integral memory that shapes the future minds of the seduced for the better and takes someone away from past habits that do not reflect who they are. The transgression is transformed. Of course, Dangerous Liaisons appears as a case study in more than one chapter (the book is designed to be a sequence that takes you through the process of seduction). I would say that Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe were the best seducers of their time.

Cleopatra managed to marry two emperors out of seduction and always remained relevant to the Egyptian and Roman court, while Marilyn Monroe remained at the forefront of the entertainment industry, controlling her directors through well-planned and executed seductions. All this is well explained in The Art of Seduction. „Most people are trapped in their own world, which makes them stubborn and difficult to convince. The way to draw them out of their shell and build your seduction is to get into their minds. Respect their rules, enjoy what they like, adapt to their moods. In this way, you will caress their deep-rooted narcissism and lower their defenses. Let yourself be tempted by all the movements and whims of your goals and give them nothing to react or resist. „The reaction to this book will be due to aesthetics and fear. It is a very unromantic book by conventional and Anglo-Saxon standards, but it is not reductionist on sex. The person who will be fascinated by this book will be the natural seducer, the one who simply loves fun and treats life like a game. I wasn`t thrilled, just interested and grateful. Personally, I`ve never liked seduction, but I`ve always been interested in those who do it.

They find me cold ⦠I find them ⦠observable. The star attracts everyone`s attention and remains out of reach. As dream beings, they act subliminally (in the seduction community, we call this „social proof“). The stars create a pleasant vision that is only an illusion. The danger is that the people who adore them will get bored and the illusion of hypnotizing them will stop. The art of seduction has been inspired by the world`s greatest pickup artists. It`s mentioned in The Game, which I also talked about. It is said that this book already contained everything you needed to know about seduction (old pipes produce the sweetest smoke, I think). This is why, in the end, I advise against using the „manipulative“ side of the art of seduction. I prefer to focus on the seductive profile you want to have and work to improve it. They have a certain seductive profile that attracts a certain type of girl. Accept it.

It`s always good to know because you can get to know yourself better and know what kind of girls to focus on. Remember, this is not an exact science. I`ve read The Art of Seduction three times and I`m still taking it out to refresh my memory and make connections with my own experiences. This is a must-read for anyone who takes seduction seriously. „Draw purpose deeply into your seduction by creating the right temptation: a look at the joys that will come. When the serpent has tempted Eve with the promise of forbidden knowledge, you must awaken a desire in your goals that they cannot control. Find this weakness of them, this fantasy that has not yet been realized, and suggest that they lead them there. The key is to remain vague.

Stimulate a curiosity stronger than the doubts and fears that come with it, and they will follow you. He often refers to festival and theater, but also to seduction as a means by which our „dark side,“ which we absolutely must recognize to be whole people, is allowed to play fully.