It is very common for people to misquote famous figures such as Gandhi (who never literally said, „Be the change you want to see in the world“) and Machiavelli (who didn`t exactly say, „The end justifies the means“). These examples can also be called false quotation marks. As with many words, Shakespeare is credited with being the first to use this combination of fakes, „false“ and quotations „repeating or copying exact words“. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to distort it, as the Spanish philosopher George Santayana did not say. But to quote an old financial adage, the real estate market can remain irrational longer than you`re willing to remain homeless. By a frightening coincidence, it is the only poem Thatcher herself remembered and misquoted when she first met Larkin. „You were fresh and beautiful, you were filled with flowers“ – I`m afraid I`m misquoting. All they had to do was stand up and misquote Mr. Gladstone, and the feisty old man was immediately on his feet. Jason didn`t bother to correct the wrong quote, it was better, they considered him one hundred percent on their side. How we misquote or misunderstand sayings when they are quoted correctly! To misquote someone is to repeat the words they said. It is unethical for a journalist to deliberately misquote the subject of an interview. We are always more nervous when people misquote the scriptures for their purpose.